Bruce Binder,

Your Own Technology Therapist

Bruce specializes in helping people deal with technology in their lives—whether it is because you need skills development to work with technology or because technology has consumed you to the point that you feel out of control.

Bruce has over 50 years experience with  technology. He has managed projects for Oracle, Ford, Exxon, Wynn Resorts,  NY Department of Education, and the Mayo Clinic, 

He has been a software developer, public speaker, small business owner, and yoga enthusiast specializing in meditation and mindfulness.

This can then be enhanced by overall life mentoring to maximize not just your use of technology but all aspects of your life (see below).

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Life Mentor/Coach

Are their other areas of your life which make you feel stressed and anxious?

Often, removing your technology stress reveals other areas that have have taken a backseat.

Bruce is here to continue on with Life Mentoring to bring you the peace and tranquility you deserve.

He uses three corner stones in Life Mentoring:

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser

Positive Psychology

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