Your Own Technology Therapist

You begin your journey with a free 30 to 60 minute consultation (by phone or Zoom) to be sure that our working together is a fit.

If we have a fit, Bruce typically works with you on three-month or six-month programs.

For the technologically challenged:

He helps you develop confidence and build a team local to you to help you keep your technology working for you.

For the technologically overwhelmed:

He guides you through techniques that will put you back in control of your use of technology.

Just email me to arrange your free consultation:

Life Mentoring/Coaching

Whether you have been through my Technology Therapy or just want to find a Life Mentor/Coach, my years of experience (see About) will guide you to the fulfilled life of which you have dreamed.

If you have not been a Technology Therapy client, you will receive a 30 to 60 minute free consultation fo see if we are a fit.

If we have a fit, I typically work with you for either 6- or 12-month program.

Just email me to arrange your free consultation:

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